Castaway Island Artisan Hammocks

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Here at Flora Decor we are always on the look out for not just great products for our customers but great products with great stories. We are proud to introduce into our unique line of products a very nice line of Hammocks and Hammock chairs.   We call this line Castaway Island Artisan Hammocks.  These hammocks are all hand made and hand sewn with a manual loom by a village of people who have past down this tradition from generation to generation. These are the most comfortable hammocks in the world and are built to last.  Each of these hammocks comes with two matching pillow shams. These are truly works of art created by the hands of artisans.  All of these hammocks are manually inspected to make sure they are of top quality before they are shipped to us.  So sink yourselves in to one our very bright and colorful Castaway Island Artisan Hammocks, you will be amazed by the comfort. [caption id="attachment_12" align="alignnone" width="200"]Artisan Hammocks Extra large Blue Green Striped Canvas Hammock Chairs.[/caption] Picture1Picture3 Picture8

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