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We here at Flora Decor love the season changes. Fall is coming soon and we are excited for the opportunities it brings to spruce up our home. We offer a number of home decor accessories, from decorative wreaths to detailed boxwood topiaries, and we know that you as the consumer want to maximize your home’s personality and beauty. This blog focuses on other actions that can be taken make your house pop. Here are a few tips we feel can be valuable:


An often overlooked tactic, placing mirrors can bring a huge boost to your home’s inner beauty. People often use mirrors for a two-fold reason: to give off a sense of space and to increase interior light. Having some reflective glass in your home creates an illusion of a doubly-spaced environment. The overall effect is an airy, spacious feeling that can account for a more comfortable living space. Light is also important for giving your place a happy, positive feeling. Putting a mirror in a room can greatly boost the natural light of that room. The height of said mirror depends on user preference and height, but we recommend a ballpark of sixty inches. There is some wiggle room on each side, so don’t be afraid to try different settings. Keep in mind the miscellaneous factors in this endeavor, such as light reflecting into people’s eyes or the size and placement of the mirror itself.

Couch Cushions

A common struggle we all face is how many cushions to display on our couch. Everyone has been to a place that is lacking in pillows. Not comfy enough. However, the opposite can be worse! You do not want to cause an avalanche of unnecessary cushions. Our recommendation? Two pairs. These two couples can vary in size or shape from each other. For bonus points, using bold complimenting colors can result in a pleasing experience for the eye.


Perhaps the most important factor of any living space is the feeling it exudes. Making your living space more personalized with your hobbies and likes can up the ante. As a company that incorporates vintage home accessories, we see how important it is to exhibit your character in your home. A house is more than just a space that you reside in; it’s a part of who you are! Don’t be afraid to mix and match to set up interior just the way you like. If you enjoy preserved boxwood wreaths, then you’re in luck!

The home can be a canvas for painting a beautiful picture of your personal space. Many people view their house as a sanctuary, and we couldn’t agree more! There are many ways to go about improving your home’s visual value; we barely scratched the surface with these three simple, inexpensive suggestions. Flora Decor is your source for home decor accessories. Contact us today to see how we can aid in beautifying your home!

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