Great Decor Alternatives to Fall Leaves

In the fall season, the rich colors of ruby and golden leaves reign king. Decorative fall wreaths and garlands all seem to feature these autumn hallmarks. Here at Flora Decor, we love fall, and we love the colors of the leaves. But we also enjoy being able to provide you and your home with unique decor pieces that make people stop and say “Wow!” Traditional leaves may be the choice for you, and we couldn’t agree more. But if you are wanting to take a different route, we can help you out there as well. For the highest quality decorative wreaths this season, shop with Flora Decor!

Vintage Faux Cotton

We love decorating with vintage faux cotton for several reasons. First of all, cotton is white, which makes it incredibly versatile when it comes to decorating inside your home. No matter your color palette, you will never have to worry about matching your cotton wreath to existing decor. Cotton is also the perfect touch to add to several decor styles. Think Shabby Chic, Country Cottage, or Romantic Farmhouse! The texture of cotton also adds visual interest with its texture and appearance. This is a unique choice that is sure to get some well-deserved attention.

Fall Berry Mix

Berries are the best of both worlds, having traditional fall flare while also serving as a unique decor option. Autumn berries still embody the richness and warmth of fall colors. Warm reds and fiery oranges are right at home next to their fall leaf cousins. But the visual interest created by the size and number of the berries has a completely different feel from a decorative wreath composed entirely of leaves. If you are interested in a wreath that can work for multiple seasons, the berry wreath is your best friend. Simply add sprigs of pine and small pine cones for a bit of festive cheer.

Flower Wreaths

Flowers are traditionally a spring and summer staple, but when care is given to the selection of the type and color, they can be just the decorative wreath you are looking for. Sunflowers are a wonderful addition, as their coloring is perfectly suited to the fall color palette. Red and white blossoms paired with subtle purple capture the more subdued feel of the season. See our Sunflower Blossom Wreath or our Sunflower Acorn Wreath for inspiration!

Whatever your fall decor needs, we know you’ll find something you will love with Flora Decor. Shop our online selection today!

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