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Here at Flora Decor, we love selling our artisan hammocks. Our unique line of Castaway Artisan Hanging Hammocks is second to none in quality and individuality. We love the craft and also cherish the history. Knowing how things started and how they evolved gives a higher appreciation for those things. Today, we’ll look into the early times of modern hammocks and how those histories helped shape humanity.

A big portion of anthropologists in the field today believe that hanging hammocks have been utilized for about a millennium. The earliest sources of hammocks stem from Central America. We believe that the mighty Mayans were responsible for early implementations into society. The benefits of early hammocks were plentiful but boiled down to one idea: safety. The terrain of this area held a host of parasites, bugs, and predators. Villagers came to quickly use these strange hanging hammocks to make their lives less stressful. Plus, the advantage of using a comfortable, portable bed is that you can enjoy life and relax anywhere you please!

Spanish Explorers arrived looking for more than useful patio accessories. The promise of gems and riches in the New World drew explorers from all corners. These soon-to-be conquistadors would trade their metal goods for services and interesting new products. Europeans had no experience with these fantastic relaxation tools and quickly returned to their homelands with hammock in tow.

The sixteenth century saw a huge increase in the use of hanging hammocks. European sailors - used to grungy, hard sleeping surfaces - quickly adopted a canvas variation for their own purposes. The benefit of having a portable, collapsable sleeping quarters was quickly realized. The convenience factor, however, was quickly overshadowed by the paltry conditions. With canvas, there was very little ventilation and breathability. Add to this the extremely cramped conditions and you have yourself a not-so-relaxing apparatus. Luckily these sailors only had to endure their uncomfortable sleeping quarters for close to three centuries!

Hammocks took an even more utilitarian role during the nineteenth century. In Britain, hanging hammocks up for inmates to save space was seen as a productive move. However, the hammocks of that time were hung on brass rings to produce a stable, solid platform. Inmates soon began using these handy rings as weapons and so the plan was scrapped with little fanfare. By this time, the US had caught onto the comfort craze. Americans used these hammocks for both work and pleasure and continually increased the demand all the while.

From a design standpoint, hammocks have remained virtually unchanged since the Mayan times. The differences usually consist of fabric type and the fashion of that fabric. Nobody can argue with historical value of these early hammocks and the value derived from their relaxing operation. We capture this wonderment with our line of Castaway Artisan Hanging Hammocks. Call us today to see what historically rich hammock is right for you!

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