How to Smoothly Transition to the Holiday Season

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We love fall here at Flora Decor, that much is obvious. However, we know that fall seems to end almost as soon as it gets here. With the holidays right around the corner, there never seems to be enough time to plan for that transition from the soft orange and falling leaves to the holly and snowy landscape winter brings with it. We have a few ideas to help you make the transition much smoother and make saying goodbye to fall a little bit easier. 


Take it a Step at a Time

Rather than waiting in denial now that Thanksgiving has ended and the Christmas season has arrived, make it easier on yourself by slowly replacing your fall decor with more Santa-inspired fare. When the first snow falls, replace some of your mantle decorations with a snowman or sleigh piece. Instead of your pumpkin latte (we know you’re drinking them), go for the apple cider or hot chocolate. The day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Black Friday, take your acorn leaf wreath off the front door and replace it with one of our holiday berry wreaths. Making small changes will help you avoid a mad dash to get your home decorated in time for the arrival your holiday guests.


Pace Yourself

Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, corn mazes, light jackets and smooth breezes, we understand how hard it is to let go of those wonderful feelings and events. It’s easy to load up a weekend with apple picking and crafting your own collection of seven different pumpkin spice blends, but the lighter weekends make you feel antsy; you’re afraid of missing out on all of the great events fall has to offer. Instead of front-loading your fall, spread your events out over a few weeks so you get your fill over time and are more accepting of winter’s arrival.

Whether fall or winter, Flora Decor is here to help you make your decorations look their best. Take a look at our wide selection of fall and holiday wreaths to make every season special!


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