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Flora Decor is dedicated to delivering unique, beautiful decorative wreaths. Our creations are for sale with the sole purpose of turning your bare house into a warm, thriving home. Everybody knows of the tradition of putting a nice holiday wreath up for the Christmas season. While we are diehard fans of the door wreath method, we strive to expand our art into the rest of the casa. Today we’ll be sharing a few simple (and useful!) tips for help with sprucing up your living space!

Simple Hanging

Decorating your walls can liven up any room in the house. Simply hook a wire loop onto the back of your decorative wreath (carefully) and adjust the height accordingly. Sinking a nail into your drywall is a quick and versatile method of hanging decor. This method can incorporate several wreaths to fill the space. Blank walls tend to remind people of sparsity and emptiness. We would recommend spreading your fashion campaign to cover these sparse walls. However, don’t go overboard! Balance is the hammer that drives your fashion home.

Avoiding Holes

While using hooks and nails to hang up your wreaths on walls is a fine practice, we understand the downside. The beauty of your spring, summer, or autumn wreath equates to holes being punched in your surfaces. To avoid this, make use of moldings, door frames, or any point that suspension can be achieved. Examples could be support beams, shelves, fireplaces tops (carefully!), furniture arms, etc. Using wire or ribbon, simply put the material through the wreath and tie it in a manner that creates a supportable loop. Keep in mind that the weight of the wreath has final say on how sturdy the hanging is, and therefore tacks and pins can be sneakily used for maximum support.

Bringing wreaths into your home can be a game-changer for bringing nature and beauty inside. Our boxwood wreaths are made to last years with little maintenance and upkeep. If they’re misted occasionally and kept indoors then they are set to brighten up your house for much longer than normal wreaths. Shop our inventory today to find what you’re looking for!

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