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Wreaths: A Brief History

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We here at Flora Decor specialize in decorative wreaths for all occasions. From seasonal to holiday wreaths, we have what you are looking for! In order to further appreciate a product, we like to look back through the history of that item. This blog will take a quick stroll through the harvest wreaths of antiquity. Unlike their Etruscan cousins (think of Romans wearing fancy wreaths on their heads), harvest wreaths are classified as a household decoration. Let’s look back to the early days to see how our product came to be. Like most items, harvest wreaths can be traced back...

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Living And Wreathing

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Flora Decor is dedicated to delivering unique, beautiful decorative wreaths. Our creations are for sale with the sole purpose of turning your bare house into a warm, thriving home. Everybody knows of the tradition of putting a nice holiday wreath up for the Christmas season. While we are diehard fans of the door wreath method, we strive to expand our art into the rest of the casa. Today we’ll be sharing a few simple (and useful!) tips for help with sprucing up your living space! Simple Hanging Decorating your walls can liven up any room in the house. Simply hook...

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