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How to Smoothly Transition to the Holiday Season

autumn wreaths Decorative Wreaths holiday wreaths

We love fall here at Flora Decor, that much is obvious. However, we know that fall seems to end almost as soon as it gets here. With the holidays right around the corner, there never seems to be enough time to plan for that transition from the soft orange and falling leaves to the holly and snowy landscape winter brings with it. We have a few ideas to help you make the transition much smoother and make saying goodbye to fall a little bit easier.    Take it a Step at a Time Rather than waiting in denial now that...

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Why Boxwood Wreaths are Great Year Round Decorations

Boxwood Topiaries Decorative Wreaths Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

At Flora Decor, we want to make your wreaths last as long as possible, which is why we offer a great selection of potted boxwood, boxwood wreaths, and desktop boxwoods to liven things up. However, you don’t have to put these great pieces away when a holiday or more colorful season comes around. The beauty of boxwood is its versatility, and we want to help you make the most out of your favorite wreath year-round! Boxwoods Last Longer It may be obvious, but our boxwood wreaths are great year-round because they are made to last longer with a minimal amount...

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Why Buy Preserved?

Boxwood Topiaries Decorative Wreaths Desktop Accessories Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

Consumers looking to buy products often do plenty of research into their object of choice. Maybe you’re looking for desktop accessories to liven up your work space. Perhaps you’re looking for decorative wreaths to get your home ready for the holiday. In any case, research into home decor accessories can be a lot of work! Hopefully, our information on preserved boxwood wreaths and topiaries can enlighten the crafty consumers of today. To start, some online shoppers might be asking: “Why would I go preserved? Buying a preserved boxwood plant can be perfect for some of us. If you feel like...

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Give Your House The Wow Factor

Boxwood Topiaries Decorative Wreaths Preserved Boxwood Wreaths Vintage Home Accessories

We here at Flora Decor love the season changes. Fall is coming soon and we are excited for the opportunities it brings to spruce up our home. We offer a number of home decor accessories, from decorative wreaths to detailed boxwood topiaries, and we know that you as the consumer want to maximize your home’s personality and beauty. This blog focuses on other actions that can be taken make your house pop. Here are a few tips we feel can be valuable: Mirrors An often overlooked tactic, placing mirrors can bring a huge boost to your home’s inner beauty. People...

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Sprucing Up Your Workspace

Boxwood Topiaries Decorative Wreaths Desktop Accessories Vintage Home Accessories

Here at Flora Decor, we have a plethora of home decor accessories. Many people utilize our products to brighten up their living space, but what about at the office? We offer a wealth of smaller desktop accessories so you can find what fits just right! Having a nice boxwood topiary can brighten up your workspace in no time, but is it really worth the effort? In one word - Yes! Here a few major reasons we believe you should invest in boxwood balls: Productivity - Having colorful, vibrant greens in your workspace can equate to getting more done. Keeping on...

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