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We here at Flora Decor believe finishing summer strong with a hanging hammock is the best way to go. Our inventory of Castaway Artisan Hanging Hammocks represent the highest quality products available today. We are confident that all customers who order our products will be fully satisfied. However, as the discerning customer, you may be wondering what types of hammocks are out there and which type is right for you. We believe knowledge is the guiding tool for smart consumerism. Today we’ll look at three commonly found types and give a quick rundown on each:

Rope Hammocks

These guys can be viewed as the staple for Americans today. Most people looking to increase their cool supply of patio accessories can depend on a rope hammock for upping the comfort game. Constructed with two wooden bars designed to spread out the width of the hammock, these devices offer great relaxation and open-aired naps. Someone looking to lay down can make great use of this common style. With wide sections of open air, you’ll surely get the best ventilation possible; perfect for those hot, lazy days!

Fabric Hammocks

Our flat artisan hammocks can fall into this group. Made of different fabrics (such as canvas), these hammocks offer a few benefits over its rope cousin. One big plus would be the additives on both fabric and cord. One-time treatments increase your hammock’s durability against earth, wind, and sun (not fire!). Being able to pick the pattern and fabric type also doubles for versatility points. Accessorising your patio just became easier with the multitude of colors available. With a classic setup of the two-bar method, these hammocks will be sure to help with all of your outside entertainment and relaxation needs.

Chair Hammocks

Unlike its horizontal relatives, the hanging hammock chair brings verticality to your life. We offer plenty of chair hammocks and are confident you’ll absolutely love yours! The more rigid structure of these chairs offers plenty of comfort while maintaining a more solid support. Seen as more kid-friendly and possibly space-saving, chair hammocks have their place on the relaxation scene. Check our inventory to find the one that appeals to you!

Everyone deserves their own paradise. With our selection of high-quality Castaway Artisan Hanging Hammocks, you can have that paradise in your own backyard. We are proud to offer unique, hardy hammocks that will definitely be a huge resource for your relaxation time. Shop our inventory today, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your hammocking needs!

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