Why Boxwood Wreaths are Great Year Round Decorations

Boxwood Topiaries Decorative Wreaths Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

At Flora Decor, we want to make your wreaths last as long as possible, which is why we offer a great selection of potted boxwood, boxwood wreaths, and desktop boxwoods to liven things up. However, you don’t have to put these great pieces away when a holiday or more colorful season comes around. The beauty of boxwood is its versatility, and we want to help you make the most out of your favorite wreath year-round!

Boxwoods Last Longer

It may be obvious, but our boxwood wreaths are great year-round because they are made to last longer with a minimal amount of upkeep. The preservation process we put them through makes it so you only have to give them a quick spray of water on occasion. Sure, they aren’t made to withstand snowstorms or desert heat, but almost anything else can be thrown its way and the boxwoods will be fine. With that in mind, something that can last for an extended duration should be used year-round.

Decorate Your Wreath 

Like switching the mantle decorations or dinner table placemats, the Flora Decor team believes changing the way you decorate your boxwood wreath will help you make it a fresh decor piece no matter the season! For your holiday season, throwing holly and tying a large red ribbon on the bottom will make your boxwood the cream of your Christmas decoration crop. In the spring and summer, the addition of bright flowers gently placed in the body of the wreath allows you versatility without damaging its integrity.
Decorated Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

Keeping Decorating Costs Down

We want you to buy all the wreaths all the time. However, we understand that there are some times of the year where it just doesn’t make sense to have another cosmetic purchase. Boxwood wreaths are a great way to remedy that due to their adaptability and longevity.

Boxwoods are a great choice for any of your decorating needs. Take a look at the wide selection of boxwood wreaths and other products we have to make your space look great year round!

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