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Sprucing Up Your Workspace

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Here at Flora Decor, we have a plethora of home decor accessories. Many people utilize our products to brighten up their living space, but what about at the office? We offer a wealth of smaller desktop accessories so you can find what fits just right! Having a nice boxwood topiary can brighten up your workspace in no time, but is it really worth the effort? In one word - Yes! Here a few major reasons we believe you should invest in boxwood balls: Productivity - Having colorful, vibrant greens in your workspace can equate to getting more done. Keeping on...

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Don't Fall Behind, Get Your House Ready for Autumn

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As Fall is approaching very fast and Summer is winding down, school has started, we ask are you ready?  We like to start decorating early at our house because Fall is our favorite time of year.  This is the best time for doing everything outside. We love the changing leaf colors and the cooler air.   We usually start with a great big Fall leaf wreath on our front door to welcome our friends an family.  We will also use another fall wreath as a centerpiece on a table with a hurricane vase and candle.  We also use garland to...

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Castaway Island Artisan Hammocks

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Here at Flora Decor we are always on the look out for not just great products for our customers but great products with great stories. We are proud to introduce into our unique line of products a very nice line of Hammocks and Hammock chairs.   We call this line Castaway Island Artisan Hammocks.  These hammocks are all hand made and hand sewn with a manual loom by a village of people who have past down this tradition from generation to generation. These are the most comfortable hammocks in the world and are built to last.  Each of these hammocks comes with...

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Is your Door Ready for Spring?


This is the question, Spring has certainly arrived and Flora Decor is in full swing making spring wreaths.   Our wreaths are unique, you wont't see this one on your neighbors door.  This is one of my wife's latest creations.  This is a large Melon Berry wreath packed with Daffodils flowers and Burlap loops.  This is a custom wreath made in our warehouse.  This wreath is bright with very realistic looking flowers.  It is built on a sturdy grapevine base and can be used indoors or out doors if used under a covered porch. Get yours today only @ Flora Decor...

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