The Story Behind Our Artisan Hanging Hammocks

Hammocks have a history that stretches back thousands of years. Many Central American countries have a rich textile history extending back far before the arrival of Europeans on the continent. Cotton and indigo were a staple of the early textile production in Central and South America, but the fabrics produced were not used for the production of hammocks until more recently. It is generally accepted that the hammock originated with the Mayans, whose technological prowess is still admired to this day. In fact, their hammock design is still largely in use and is said to be the most comfortable of all hammocks.

Hammock Materials

The original hammocks were not made of fabrics or ropes like they are today. Instead, they were woven from the bark of trees. While that doesn’t sound very comfortable, the materials the Mayans gathered were actually quite flexible and strong; traits that all hammocks should strive to embody. The use of cotton and other modern textiles was not implemented in hammock design until as recently as 60 years ago!

Hammock Usefulness

When we think of hammocks, we imagine relaxing days spent swinging in the shade, cool drink in hand. But when hammocks were being put to use by early cultures, they were actually a necessary safety precaution. Sleeping on the ground in a jungle filled with creatures who slip, crawl, and glide through the underbrush can be fairly hazardous to one’s health. Hammocks allowed people to sleep off the ground and away from potential threats. They were also useful for keeping warm, as hot coals could be placed underneath, providing the slumbering person with radiant heat throughout chilly nights.

Hazy Origins

The origin of the hanging hammock chair is, unfortunately, not as clear. It is likely that they were simply a product of the inspiration that traditional hammocks provide. Our Artisan Hammocks combine the best of the comfort and style while paying homage to the regions in which it has its roots.

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